Some decoden things I made yesterday ouo

Phone case for my lovely roomie <3
I cant remember who I got the original design concept from, so I'm not claiming this as an original design. I don't know or remember if I copied it or if its a mash-up of decoden cases I've seen orrrr... ;n;
Anyways. She wanted something with bats on it, cause she wanted something cute that she could vaguely reference batman with :3 Also the purple drippy part glows in the dark!

This is my in-progress piece. I'm making a little mini top hat that's a tea cup, because since I first got into lolita I've wanted one.
The teacup was bought on ebay and its from the fisher price musical tea set. I got the cup and saucer in a minty color. Then I packed some paper clay inside as a base and added the purple drippy stuff and the icing. The icing is made out of heavy body gesso. The decorations are glass pearls, plastic stars, and handmade sculpey pieces :3
I plan to put it on a headband with a little bit of ruffled tulle, and then put an oreo i made out of sculpey on the saucer. I'm so excited to see how it turns out!

I wanted to make some clips so I could pull back a couple strands from the front of my mint wig and clip them in the back. I think this will work well :D
I made another one but it kinda turned out poopy :[ it fell over while it was still wet.